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Are you trying to get information about a vehicle that is reliable and fast?  Then you have found the perfect online tool!  VinInspect VIN decoder allows you to instantly have access to the data that is logged with a vehicle’s identification number (VIN). 

How Does VIN Decoder Work?

Our VIN Decoder tool accesses the most recent database of VIN number histories.  This online tool works in accord with ISO 3779:2009 in tracking specific information about road vehicles across the globe[1]. The process for finding your vehicle’s information is simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the VinInspect VIN Decoder Tool.
  2. Enter the desired VIN.  (It will be a 17-character alphanumeric code[2]). 
  3. Wait for the VIN Decoder to list the information that is connected to the VIN.

Where Is My VIN located?

The VIN is purposely stamped on several locations throughout the vehicle.  The most common and most accessible places to find the VIN are:

  1. The door frame of the driver’s side door
  2. On the dashboard corner in close proximity to the windshield. 
  3. In the glove compartment. 

If you cannot find your VIN, you may check on the engine or call the manufacturer for additional places where the VIN may be stamped. 

Note: VINs are meant to be high accessible.  If the vehicle is missing its VIN stamps, this may be a cause for concern. 


[1] ISO 3779 was established in 1979; therefore, any vehicles manufactured before 1978 are not listed in the global database.  VinInspect VIN decoder cannot access data for vehicle made before 1978.

[2] VIN do not contain the number or letters I (i), O (o), or Q (q) because they can be easily confused with the number 1 and 0.