The Scam You Might Face When Buying Used Car

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Scams can happen anywhere, and the auto industry is no exception. If you found that “perfect” car, and then discovered that just one month before it had looked like the pictures displayed on the left hand column, would you still buy it? Has the seller even told you about finding it at a salvage auction? Wouldn’t you want to know whether it has been? Of course you would! Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make. Don’t buy it without knowing all the facts.

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Wouldn’t You Like to Know…?

If you’re about to purchase a used car, wouldn’t you want to know:

  1. Whether the vehicle has a large total loss?
  2. Whether the vehicle been damaged in a natural disaster?
  3. Whether the vehicle has had numerous drivers and owners?
  4. Whether the vehicle has ever been sold through an auction?
  5. Whether the vehicle has been stolen?
  6. Whether the vehicle has a lien on it?
  7. Whether the vehicle has ever had a salvaged, junked, or rebuilt title?

If you’re curious about one or all of these things, then it’s time to consult VinInspect™. We can help you answer these questions by gathering up auto data history from a unique set of sources and consolidating it into one of our Vehicle History Reports.

Save your money and your health: don’t risk buying a used car without VinInspect™!

Customer Reviews

"I used VinInspect’s vehicle inspection service, and I have to say I was amazed by both the reasonable price and the speed that they got it done. Really impressed with this company."

Maria, Z. Paris

"A friend of mine told me about VinInspect, and I’m super happy she did. I almost spent an extra $20 on the same service using CarFax! "

Adam, R. New York