Benefits of VinInspect™ Service Over AutoCheck®

VinInspect™ Vs. Autocheck®

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Apr 23, 2013

How Does Autocheck® Stack Up to VinInspect™?

When it comes to price, content, and the extent and utility of sourced information, is Autocheck® the place you want to go for your vehicle checks, or is VinInspect™ the better deal? We take apart the two competitors in this article and focus on the facts. By the end of it, you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding which company is the right auto check service for you. 

Who Wins on Price?

Autocheck® is going to cost you up to $45 to get your vehicle check. At VinInspect™ your vehicle check will be a fraction of that cost. And while both Autocheck® and VinInspect™ offer auto auction checks, only VinInspect™ will do that check absolutely free of charge.

VinInspect™ is one of the most affordable vehicle checks on the market, and it manages those great prices without skimping on services. VinInspect™ offers the same access to tens of millions of Insurance, Salvage and Junk total loss records, as well as towing events, and open lien and loan information. Autocheck® will offer this data as well, but it increases the total cost of the vehicle check.

In terms of price, it just makes sense going with VinInspect™.

Where Is the Information Being Sourced?

When it comes to getting your vehicle check, you need the information in your hand as soon as possible, whether it’s lien data, a vehicle history report or a salvage report. Traditional means, such as the DMV, law enforcement or tax collectors, take huge amounts of time, and since Autocheck® relies on these sources to gather up that information, it can lead to delays in processing, and it can get expensive to boot.

VinInspect™ uses the above sources as informational supplements, but instead of relying on them entirely, it has chosen the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) for its primary source of information. Why is this important? Because every insurance company, towing company, junkyard and salvage auction is required by law to report directly to the NMVTIS. That means you’re getting the most up-to-date information regarding your vehicle’s history every time.

Not only is the NMVTIS receiving data from a great amount of sources across the United States, it is also a great tool to check for excessive vehicle damage, salvage history, odometer fraud and any number of things that you need  to know about before your vehicle purchase.

Pictures That Have a Story to Tell

One thing that VinInspect™ does that Autocheck® simply doesn’t do is provide their customers with a free photo from auto auctions. What this photo does is give car buyers another layer of insight into how that car has been treated and what shape it was in before it came to the notice of the present buyer. If a buyer doesn’t have that photo, they have to rely on printed data to explain the damage to them. But who wants to read what the damage is when you could see it for yourself? VinInspect™ wanted to change this, and it began offering auto auction pictures whenever they were available completely free of charge.


Customer Reviews

"I used VinInspect’s vehicle inspection service, and I have to say I was amazed by both the reasonable price and the speed that they got it done. Really impressed with this company."

Maria, Z. Paris

"A friend of mine told me about VinInspect, and I’m super happy she did. I almost spent an extra $20 on the same service using CarFax! "

Adam, R. New York