Six Odors That Can Warn You of Vehicle Troubles

Six Odors That Can Warn You of Vehicle Troubles

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Dec 23, 2019

Bad odor in a car

You will scarcely deny that the most important human sense for driving is sight. However, other senses can play no less significant role in your driving experience if you learn how to use them. Today we want to give you information that will help you to become an expert of odors and use your nose to recognize possible reasons of breakdowns of your vehicle.

“You have probably felt from time to time strange smells in different cars but could not guess what they signify,” says Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.“ Meanwhile the ability of understanding smells can win time for a necessary and timely repair of your vehicle and prevent more serious repair.” In case you feel some unusual smell in your car, you will be able to recognize if a smell is harmful or not by the following symptoms. The Car Care Council collected a list of most often types of odors special for you:

1. Burnt carpet odor can signify that something is wrong with your brakes. It goes without saying that everything that is connected to the brakes directly relates to your safety. Thus, such problems should not be neglected, especially if such smell happens during normal driving conditions.

2. When your vehicle smells like rotten eggs this is a very bad sign. Pay attention to your engine. Probably the reason is in it. The second variant to check is the catalytic converter that is unable to fulfill its functions.

3. You will feel a hot oil smell when oil leaks on the exhaust system. In such cases, check if there are some oily traces on the road or there is a smoke coming out from the bonnet.

4. When it smells like gasoline, it means that there is a gas leakage somewhere in your car. Look at your fuel tank or injector. Be cautious that such smell means danger and a possibility of fire is very high.

5. Burning rubber odor can tell you that your belts are slipping or loose hoses are not in their places. They probably rub against rotating details of your drive. However, do not try to get in until the motor gets cold.

6. If you sniffed a sweet scent like of a caramel, you should check the coolant in the cooling system of the vehicle. Opening of radiator cap when it is hot is not safe, so wait until it cools down. To sum it up, we’ll again advise you not to ignore any strange smells. At first sings of a foreign odor, do not hesitate consulting with the technician to identify the reason and prevent more serious consequences. Take care about your car timely to make your driving save and comfortable.

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