How to Save Fuel Without Reducing Driving

How to Save Fuel Without Reducing Driving

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Dec 23, 2019

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The prices of fuel are constantly rising, however, this does not mean that people will drive less, says the representative of the Car Care Council. Though drivers are not able to influence changes in fuel prices, there are several simple rules of car maintenance that can help lessen the volumes of consumed fuel.

“Nobody will stop driving only because the fuel prices increase, however, there are certain steps to maximize the fuel consumption economy,” asserts Rich White, the Car Care Council managing director. “When the price goes up, the drivers tend to pay more attention on how they act on the road and car maintenance to save money on fuel by means to different tricks.”

Here are the simple and inexpensive recommendations from Rich White on how to minimize the car appetite:

1. Throw out the dirty air filters and put the new ones into your car. This will give your vehicle fuel mileage14 percent extra.

2. When your tires are properly inflated, you gain fuel mileage improved by 3 percent.

3. Do not forget to change oil regularly and have another mile per gallon.

4. Make sure your car is well-tuned to enhance fuel mileage by 3-4 %.

5. If you renew the dirty spark plugs, that can reduce mileage by two miles per gallon.

6. Remember that gas can vanish i.e. vaporize into the air. It usually happens through damaged or loose gas caps, so pay attention at your gas cap.

Maintenance on the road:

1. Try not to stay idling too long. Warmup the vehicle for no more than one or two minutes.

2. Combine several trips in one as each trip taken from a cold start uses almost two times more fuel as one longer multi-purpose trip.

3. Keep in mind the speed limit. Driving above 60 mph, you decrease fuel mileage.

4. Your trunk should not be too overweight without necessity. Each extra 100 pounds in the trunk lessen fuel economy by 1-2 %.

5. Be aware that quick starts and stops as well as other aggressive driving lower gas mileage by as much as 33 percent on the highway and 5 % in the city.

“Often people do not realize that their misbehavior on the road and negligence as for their car do not play in their favor. At the end, this may cost even more then all the fuel expenses,” said Rich White. “Following our simple advices on efficient car driving and improving their driving “manners”, they can save huge amount of money and prolong the life of their automobile.”

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