Car Technologies That Are Becoming Things of The Past - Part 1

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Apr 4, 2016

For the most part, humanity loves technology. However, knows that technology has its ups and downs. An excerpt from Environmental Ethics observes: “Technology is a servant of only limited usefulness, and highly unreliable. When it does solve a problem, it often creates two new ones—and their side effects are usually hard to foresee.” How well this describes car technologies! In fact, some auto technologies create problems are that hinder the primary function of a vehicle—driving. Here are a few that we found that make you wonder what automakers were thinking.

Electronic Handbrakes

In some cars, this system works with an auto-hold function when a car is stationary. While freeing up space, many electronic handbrakes are difficult to access and even unresponsive at the worst of times. The technology, unless improved, is not worth the inches of space it saves.

Climate control air-conditioning

Manual control of car temperature environment by means of adjusting the blower-speed, direction of air and setting of temperature is a huge plus. This function however does not take into account comfort of user during temperature changes.

Auto Doors

Without question Tesla’s Model XSUV is a marvel as a fully electric vehicle.  Nevertheless, its automatic “Falcon Wing” doors may be a classic example of a short-sighted use of technology “just for technology’s” sake. Although the doors give users more access room, the time it takes for them to open and close is problematic in emergencies.  Could you imagine trying to get in or out in a heavy rainstorm or in a dangerous area? 

Huge wheels and tires

Large wheels are meant to impress; however, engineers prefer smaller wheels for practicality. Smaller wheels allow less air between the wheel and the road, thus enhancing the driver’s comfort. Bigger tires are however trending in the modern car industry.

Twin Clutch Transmissions

Despite speeding up gear change and saving fuel by bypassing the need for a torque converter, this invention is jerky at best when used at slow speeds, prone to failing and expensive to maintain.  The small benefit that twin clutch transmissions offer pale in comparison to the costs that they can impose.

Stop start systems

In cars like BMW and Mini, the engine automatically switches off when the vehicle is stationary. This function to save fuel when stationary resulted in crude and shaky engine start-ups, as well as impairs air-conditioning.


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