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How to Sell Your Car for the Highest Price

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Thousands of drivers sell their used cars online each year. And only few of them know how to get the most from selling their vehicle. These sellers know what their cars actually worth and how to sell them for the highest price.

If you’re going to sell your used car, follow these recommendations to get more cash for your car.

What Does a Salvage-Title Vehicle Mean?

Salvage-title car

In the US, millions of cars get salvaged titles every year. Dealers and private sellers can repair and sell these cars without telling the buyers that their vehiclesare titled salvage. Although a salvage car may seem an inexpensive option, it can also be unsafe to drive. For that reason, it is important to know the vehicle’s title.

How to Avoid Curbstoners when Buying a Used Car

Car Breakdown

Curbstoning is a common type of fraud, when a dealer sells a car with serious defects as if it was a quality vehicle. Curbstoners can facelift damaged cars to hide their issues or roll back odometers. In the end car buyers should make expensive repairs, because the car turns out to be in poor condition.

There are several tips that will help you protect yourself from curbstoners:

8 Ways to Check a Vehicle for Flood Damage

Flooded cars

Thousands of flood-damaged cars are fraudulently sold in auto auctions. Floods, rising rivers, hurricanes, and other natural disasters damage a huge number of vehicles. Dishonest dealers buy these cars, restore them so that they look almost new, and sell at an attractive price. The buyers feel like they have a deal of their lives; however, chances are high that expensive problems appear some time later. What is more important, a flood-damaged car can be dangerous to drive.

Things to Consider When Buying an “As Is” Used Car

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Have you ever wondered what does “as is” actually means? In fact, buying an“as is” used car is a risky deal. It means that you agree to purchase a vehicle in its present condition and bear responsibility for all repair and maintenance this car may need. What is more, you agree to accept the vehicle even if there are unrevealed problems. On the other hand, when purchased wisely, an “as is” used car can save you a great deal of money.

What a VIN Can Tell You

VIN Number.

The first Vehicle Identification Numbers was used in 1954. However, it was not until 1980 that VINs were standardized by the ISO. Prior to standardization, each auto manufacturer used different VIN formats, which varied in number of characters and value of these characters. As a result, two different vehiclescould have the same numbers.

Today, VINs are regulated by the NHTSA. Below is the basic information which a VIN can tell you about your vehicle.

Car Technologies That Are Becoming Things of The Past - Part 2

Although technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, sometimes we come across features that seem to be going backward. Interestingly, new (especially expensive) cars seem to be packed with features that lack functionality offered by older cars. Let us take another look at auto technologies which appear to have regressed rather advanced.

Car Technologies That Are Becoming Things of The Past - Part 1

For the most part, humanity loves technology. However, knows that technology has its ups and downs. An excerpt from Environmental Ethics observes: “Technology is a servant of only limited usefulness, and highly unreliable. When it does solve a problem, it often creates two new ones—and their side effects are usually hard to foresee.” How well this describes car technologies! In fact, some auto technologies create problems are that hinder the primary function of a vehicle—driving. Here are a few that we found that make you wonder what automakers were thinking.

Top 10 Automotive Convertibles for 2015

Nothing drives quite like a convertible. This fun, fashionable type of vehicle has been a classic throughout the world for years. With 2015 quickly winding down, a great way to celebrate this year in automobiles is to discuss the top ten convertibles that hit the market in 2015. Based on consumer reviews and reports, these cars will have you heading down to your nearest car dealer. But before we get to our top ten, here is a quick “how-to” on what to look for in a great convertible. 

How to Find Vehicle Information by VIN Number PART2

Finding out a car’s VIN will not provide you with more than a string of letters and numbers if you do not know how to decode it. The code has 17 alpha-numeric positions which can be divided into three categories: World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), vehicle description and vehicle identification.

·         WMI (Positions 1 to 3)

Position 1

The first spot can be a letter or number and it will tell in which part of the globe your car was manufactured.

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