How to look up VIN numbers

The VIN or rather the Vehicle Identification Number should be considered as the DNA of one’s car. This is a unique combination of seventeen characters which are assigned to a vehicle with each car having its own unique number. This number is assigned to the vehicle during manufacturing and is retained throughout the entire life of the machine. VIN is the most accurate detail that is used to track a vehicle as itchanges hands and whenever it is serviced or repaired.

Top 5 Mistakes Often Made by Used Car Buyers

Buying a used car is always a lottery unless you buy a car from your friend and can be sure in its history. If you have enough money, it is for sure better to take a new car. However, the used car has one significant advantage that outweights all risks – its low price. Knowing same basic rules and the most common mistakes you will be able to minimize the risks of deceit. Here are the top 5 mistakes that people often make when buying a second-hand car.

Recommendations on Buying a Car at Auction

Car auction

One of the most popular ways of buying a car at lower price is buying at the auctions. If you have never been to any auction, it will be definitely a new and unusual experience for you. The advantages of auctions are that there you can find rare cars that cannot be found in the other places. One more pleasant thing is that the prices are lower and not overestimated by the dealer or owner. Moreover, auction is really a great fun.

Here are some recommendations on how to make a good purchase at the auctions:

Six Odors That Can Warn You of Vehicle Troubles

Bad odor in a car

You will scarcely deny that the most important human sense for driving is sight. However, other senses can play no less significant role in your driving experience if you learn how to use them. Today we want to give you information that will help you to become an expert of odors and use your nose to recognize possible reasons of breakdowns of your vehicle.

How to Save Fuel Without Reducing Driving

Fuel gauge

The prices of fuel are constantly rising, however, this does not mean that people will drive less, says the representative of the Car Care Council. Though drivers are not able to influence changes in fuel prices, there are several simple rules of car maintenance that can help lessen the volumes of consumed fuel.

11 Tips to Take Care of Your Car

Oil change

If commercials are to be trusted, then all you need to make your car last longer is a bottle of miracle liquid, some ionized wonder water, and a handful of magic dust. Unfortunately, it is far from truth. Regular and proper car maintenance is the only thing that can help you keep your car on the road.

A good path to keep your vehicle looking good and running great involves regularly maintenance and lubrication, timely replacement of wear-and-tear parts and taking proper care of your car. Check the top 11 tips that will prevent your car from becoming a rusty jalopy.

How to Sell Your Car for the Highest Price

selling a car

Thousands of drivers sell their used cars online each year. And only few of them know how to get the most from selling their vehicle. These sellers know what their cars actually worth and how to sell them for the highest price.

If you’re going to sell your used car, follow these recommendations to get more cash for your car.

What Does a Salvage-Title Vehicle Mean?

Salvage-title car

In the US, millions of cars get salvaged titles every year. Dealers and private sellers can repair and sell these cars without telling the buyers that their vehiclesare titled salvage. Although a salvage car may seem an inexpensive option, it can also be unsafe to drive. For that reason, it is important to know the vehicle’s title.

How to Avoid Curbstoners when Buying a Used Car

Car Breakdown

Curbstoning is a common type of fraud, when a dealer sells a car with serious defects as if it was a quality vehicle. Curbstoners can facelift damaged cars to hide their issues or roll back odometers. In the end car buyers should make expensive repairs, because the car turns out to be in poor condition.

There are several tips that will help you protect yourself from curbstoners:

8 Ways to Check a Vehicle for Flood Damage

Flooded cars

Thousands of flood-damaged cars are fraudulently sold in auto auctions. Floods, rising rivers, hurricanes, and other natural disasters damage a huge number of vehicles. Dishonest dealers buy these cars, restore them so that they look almost new, and sell at an attractive price. The buyers feel like they have a deal of their lives; however, chances are high that expensive problems appear some time later. What is more important, a flood-damaged car can be dangerous to drive.

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