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With a VinInspect vehicle history report, you’ll receive crucial facts about the car you’re looking to buy that will help you make a smart decision, including:

  • title history
  • car accident history
  • odometer readings
  • insurance records

Knowledge is power when it comes to buying a vehicle.

Compare to CARFAX®
  • Up to $35 for a car history report? Forget it! VinInspect checks the history of the car for the low price of $8.99.
  • Get title and salvage history with NMVTIS, the largest and most reliable source of vehicle data in the U.S. for cars, trucks, motorcycles and anything else.
  • Open lien/loan data through one of the most trusted sources.
  • Blindingly fast! Search over 40 million total loss and salvage records across the U.S.
  • Auto auction records 100% free of charge.
  • One free picture if your vehicle shows up on an auto auction.
  • No added monthly fees or subscriptions. Just a one-time cost of $8.99 to find out the auto history!
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Compare to AutoCheck®
  • AutoCheck could cost up to $30 for vehicle check. Compared to just $8.99 for a car check at VinInspect, it’s no contest!
  • Using our VIN search, you will get access to tens of millions of salvage, junk and insurance total loss records!
  • Open lien/loan data.
  • AutoCheck relies on sources that can take forever for a response. VinInspect gets this information to you almost immediately.
  • AutoCheck isn’t powered by the NMVTIS — the largest database of vehicle records in the U.S. We are.
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Our Dealer Program
  • Huge discounts are available for our trusted dealers!
  • Get the peace of mind that comes with a clean title
  • Improve your sales and keep costs down
  • Special discounts available depending on the state you’re in!
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Our Affiliate Program
  • Cheap and inexpensive to get started with no sign-up fees!
  • Stable earnings and prompt payouts
  • Choose between different partnership programs: Link or Banner
  • We handle all order processing, report delivery and customer billing! You just sell the vehicle information from NMVTIS.
  • Access to up-to-date statistics to help you evaluate your marketing efforts
  • Advanced tracking tools, customer service support, intuitive affiliate panel, and much, much more!
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VinInspect provides an invaluable service. Thanks to my report, I was able to find out everything that I needed to know about the car I wanted to purchase.


About VinInspect will help you figure out if the vehicle that you are interested in has been involved in accidents or had significant repairs done.

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Recall Watchlist has the ability to review your VIN and give you customized information regarding the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. This includes information about your vehicle such as safety recall repairs made over the previous 15 years.

Defects Information

The seller must repair all damage and report it to potential buyers.

Smart Buy Checklist endeavors to provide you all the information you require so your decision-making process is as easy as possible. We work to give you the confidence that you need to make your experience fruitful.